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POWERCDI: POWER AND CONTROL Revolutionary engine control unit for enduro, cross and motard racing motorbikes. It's the only one that comes with USB cable, software and the innovative Dynamic Power Control.

Coming soon: PowerCDI for KTM / Husqvarna TPI

As product testing will begin soon, we can anticipate that we will offer soon a less expensive (dedicated, and thus economically optimized) PowerCDI ECU for the TPI bikes (and also for, after a simple and quick reconfiguration (that you can do via the Bluetooth and software which are standard on all our PowerCDI M2 engine control units), all Beta and Sherco f.i. 4 stroke models, and on the 2 stroke carburetor Sherco 2018 SE-R Factory 250 & 300 models) in brief named "PowerCDI M2" at a launch price of only EUR 565 + VAT. This new, dedicated and thus less expensive PowerCDI, but still of uncompromised quality and performance, and usable on several bikes (the already mentioned Beta/Sherco f.i. 4st, some Sherco carburetor 2st and other models that will be added in the future), will already provide a lot of improvements compared to the original engine control unit (Continental M3C), but we will also offer an optional "TPI racing kit" (obviously not suitable for Beta/Sherco 4st and Sherco carburetor 2st users) at a launch price of EUR 385 + VAT for the more demanding users and for racing teams which consists in a special, high performance optimized head; a very powerful CDI multispark module; a high energy CDI ignition coil and a couple of additional sensors very easy to mount. A kit that the "normal user" won't necessarily have to purchase, as it's aimed at the most demanding users, thus we preferred to make it optional, to optimize our offer, the price, and to provide also a basic system that anyone can install and, later, can anyway still be upgraded via the "TPI racing kit" to reach excellent performance.

With the PowerCDI M2 alone most of the following improvements over the original bike will be available already, but where you see an asterisk (*) the optional "TPI racing kit" will further improve that function but it will still be available also with the lone PowerCDI M2 anyway, while where 2 asterisks (**) are specified the "TPI racing kit" is indispensible to get that feature or improvement:
More functions will be added with time via (lifetime free) firmware updates, and the PowerCDI M2 engine control unit is already equipped to manage an eventual optional third fuel injector and a gear sensor. PowerCDI M2 can also directly control/drive a stepper motor, eg. for a drive-by-wire future optional upgrade or an exhaust power valve.

NOTE: We still reserve the right to modify the above list, in particular we're working to try to move back into the basic system some features that are currently planned only in the "TPI racing kit", like eg. the delicate anti-reverse function, so there may be small variations in one way or another.

An official statement will be made in the next weeks. The first models to be supported (mapped) will be 250's, shortly after also the 300's will be added, then we'll add maps for all Beta/Sherco f.i. 4 stroke and some 2018 Sherco 2 stroke carburetor bikes as well. As our tradition, this ECU (intended for vehicles that originally mounted the Continental M3C) will work on several models of bikes after a simple and quick reconfiguration made via software which, together with a Bluetooth interface, is standard on all our PowerCDI M2 engine control units. We want to provide every possible function and feature that our powerful hardware can support, and all firmware updates and maps will always be for free (no payment to unlock features, etc..).

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LAST UPDATED on March 19, 2017